Site history and new features
February 2011
  • Explicit indication for CLOSED airfields and uncertain plotting (coordinates not checked for some MLA airfields)
  • Acces to IAC charts and MILAIP/DIRCAM data from ExtraLink and Details page
  • Access to Details page from ExtraLink in flight Log
  • December 2010 FOR FRANCE ONLY:
    New codification for Microlight and private airfields
    New codification for all obstacles (Winfarms, pylons, etc...)

    Full revision for BENELUX data: AD, VRP, MLA airfields, Navaids
    November 2010 The Export option allows now to store GPX files in two formats:
  • Long one: same data + NAME in cmt tag
  • This option are proposed for both search and route export programs.
    The second format is recommended if the data is to be downloaded data into your GPS.

    Note: GPS dowload page (Espace de tÚlÚcharment GPS) has been updated accordingly.
    October 2010 Following numerous requests from the users:
    New export facility in CSV and KML format in addition of the GPX format
    February 2010
    New feature: translation of data in GPX ou KML format.
    Processes Routes or list of Waypoints to transform them into JpRNavMaster Flight Log format.
    Use of Cut & Paste.
    January 2010
  • New feature: "Search around..." to display all points at a given distance of a specified reference point (France only)
  • Update of the Search results display accordingly (Heading, Distance in Nm or Km, time to go)
  • December 2009 Waypoint Management ([MyNavMaster WPT] buttton): the form is now translated in english
    November 2009
  • Export in kml GOOGLE Earth format now available in the SEARCH result display
  • Improvement on the display of French Restaurants contributions (direct access now possible by Restaurant, by contributor, all contributors, ...)
  • October 2009
    For the RESRAURANTS display's list (France)
  • Add your CONTRIBUTION + EVALUATION from the search display list
  • Display the evaluations and comments by restaurant from the search display list
  • September 2009
    Display of RESTAURANTS (France) in a specific result window
  • Access from the main page
  • Integration in the QUICKLIST form
  • Integration in the ADVANCED SEARCH form
  • Sept 2009 My ISP abandons the domain to move to SFR's
    I choose to move my web site to the domain (independant from SFR)
    April 2009
    Full Management of USERS WAYPOINTS
  • Creation (Code+Name+Type+Lat/Lng/Elevation,...)
  • Display/Update
  • Display/Delete
  • Display your own WPT in the standard search window

  • In the Search results window:
  • Sort is now possible on Code OR Name
  • In Ascending or Descending order
  • March 2009
    Multi-criteria Advanced Search form
    By Point Type / Country / Departement for France

    New Quick list Panel for France & overseas territories
  • France split by 4 regions (NW, NE, SW, SE)
  • Overseas territories
  • Search by French Departement (01-95)

  • Download results from Search form:
  • In GPX MapSource compatible format
  • In CSV Excel format
  • Feb 2009
    More details in RESULT DISPLAY:
  • Elevation if known
  • Latitude and Longitude rounded to 2 decimals
  • Indication of the DEPARTEMENT if known
  • 1,500 lines with Hyperlink are now allowed as a search result (instead of 100)

  • French Helistations are now included (around 230) in the database (SIA source):
  • LFHxxx format (SIA codification, Vac chart available)
  • LFHddn format (dd=Dept, n=rank number, JRNavMaster codification)

  • New Main Form::
  • Larger form so new links can fit in
  • Reorganisation of the Search part
  • Add of a new CALENDAR Icon to easily select the flight date
  • Jan 2009
    New OBSTACLES "Quick List" buttons:
    (source: French SIA)
  • Windparks list (all)
  • Pylons, towers and antennas list(> 300 ft)
  • Other misc OBSTACLES list (> Ó 300 ft)

  • General revision: French Polynesia, french New Caledonia + Wallis & Futuna, Reunion island + Mayotte (AD/VRP)
    Dec 2008
    FRANCE: isolated Obstacles higher than 300 ft + all windparks are now loaded in the database (SIA source)

    New RadioNav "Quick List" buttons:

  • French VOR
  • French NDB
  • French Loc
  • Nov 2008 General revision for french Guiana, Martinique, Guadeloupe, St-Pierre & Miquelon (AD, VRP)
    March 2008 Search engine improvement:
  • Automatic passing border detection
  • Passing border indicator in the Flight Log ()
  • February 2008
  • Search engine improvement:
    Better point prediction (AD, VRP, NavAids, ...)
  • Possibility to add comments (one or many lines) for each navigation point ($ sign).
  • Multiple en route codes can now be specified for each point (separated by !).
  • New main form layout (wider)

    For registered users:
    Full management of navigations in a personnal environment (saving, loading, deleting, preview, sending by EMail).
    Sending by EMail is also available from the Nav Log display.

    For non registered users ('000000A' access code):
    Simplified navigation management (saving and loading only) in a shared environment.

    For France: elevations are now indicated for all VRPs and private aerodromes.
    November 2007 Fourth anniversary of JpRNavMaster!
    Possibility to save until 50 navigations (possible extension until 99).
  • In a dedicated space if user is registered.
  • In a shared environment for anonymous users.
  • October 2007 RWY info added to the detailed form
    September 2007 New possibility to save your current navigation ROUTE in a GPX text file (can be read by EasyGPS, Expert GPS, ...)
    Jan 2007 - New ATIS Telephone button on main form.
    Dec 2006 - General revision of the main form.
    - Optional display of Morse ID for Navaids.
    - Set up of a new graphical chart.
    Nov 2006 - Third anniversary of JpRNavMaster.
    - Set up of a new help for searching points.
    - New quick pop-up help for points with FL/Alt and / or en route code.
    Sept 2006 - Extra Link access at the end of the log according to the navigation points (VAC chart, Notam, Google Maps).
    - Search interface now integrated in the Search page result.
    - Two new buttons in the main form: ZITs and FIS search.
    - Revision of the feedback form.
    August 2006 - New V4.3
    - For more clarity, the new route syntax is without semi-colon: now, one point per line.
    - Possibility to specify for each step:
      a flight level (FLxx) or an altitude (xxxxFt)
      and an "en route" point (AD or Navaid)
    - Optional QDR/Distance display if an en route point is specified.
    - French ZIT (temporary prohibited zone) and SIV (Flight Information Sectors) has been added to the database.
    - Errors are grouped in a specific table at the end of the log.
    July 2006 - In the SEARCH / DETAILED display, a direct access to Google Maps (satellite or maps) is provided.
    - In the SEARCH interface and to limit the result list, you can know narrow the search to the default Region only.
    June 2006 Version are now specified by a Month Year indication.
    - New options for the flight log layout: settings are now possible for vertical and horizontal spacing.
    - New optional "Notes" field for manual entry.
    - You can choose your fuel type AVGAS or Jet A1.
    - Enhanced search engine.
    May 2006 - New V4.2
    - Automatic conversion for ground speed, consumption, cost & Wind in case of unit change in the main form (check box option).
    - Possibility of browsing through the detailed form result via the "NaviBarre".
    - Direct access to the SIA VAC charts from the detailed form (LFxx only).
    - New navigation simplified form (4 fields) accessible directly from the Home Page ("Flash JpRNavMaster").
    - Blank flight date is transformed in today's date.
    April 2006 - New option for sunrise and sunset calculations
    - Multi-unit entry units for speed, consumption, cost & wind.
    - New detailed form linked to the Search form.
    - Search form accessible from the home page.
    March 2006 - New V4.1
    - New field "Remarks" added and last update date for french VAC charts is now indicated.
    from March 2005 to February 2006 A lot of work more or less visible on:
    - The improvement of the search and calculation algorythms.
    - The Automatic import of DAFIF data.
    - The updates for french data.
    - And some cosmetic enhancements on the navigation form and the flight log.
    February 2005 - Brand New 4.0 with a MySQL database
    - World data base for AD, Navaids, Waypoints.
    - All towns and villages for FRANCE are accessible (around 36,000)
    - Use of the NAME for the route definition (but ICAO code is still usable) with duplicates management if necessary.
    - Ditance on the flight log are colorized from green to red according to the length of the leg.
    - On the Nav Log right margin: Navaids Frequency and Name (LF only)
    January 2005 - V3.2: new bilingual version french / english.
    November 2004 - New Version 3.1a (anniversary: one year on line!):
    - On the flight log, gig figures (> 100) are now rounded.
    - New World Wide Database DAFIF.
    - Optional line on the Nav Log for variation and Km
    - New enhanced search result display.
    October 2004 - NewVersion 3.0a.
    - Possibility to create User Points (Name:Lat:Long, etc...)
    - General revision for the french VRP.
    July 2004 - Improvement of the Search engine.
    - New "Auto" mode to determine the type of Search (ICAO or Name) - if criteria length <= 3 characters: Name begin with ...
    - if criteria length >= 4 characters: Name contains ...
    May 2004 - Add of Carabeean airfields (25 in total)
    - Add of 10 small airfields in the Netherland.
    March 2004 - Improve the search engine for name like St-xxx
    - Keep last route in memory (use of cookies).
    February 2004 - Add RWY infos for EG/EB/LS/LI/...
    January 2004 - Add RWY infos for Frech airports (LFxx) with optional display at the end of the flight log.
    - Add major European data for AD and Navaids.
    December 2003 - Add Switzerland Airports and Navaids.
    - New VRP for french airports.
    - Add Navaid type (VOR, NDB, ...)
    - Optional display for Latitude and Longitude.
    November 2003 - New V2.0
    - Automatic calculation for variation.
    - New feed-back form.
    - New microlight AD for France and Belgium.
    - Take wind effect into account.
    - New search interface on ICAO or Name
    - New invert flight plan button.
    01/11/2003 Creation of JpRNavMaster V1.0 with basic features.
    JpRNavMaster is always moving: new features available regularly!