Help for using manual Waypoints
A manual Waypoint is a point that you want to specify youself, maybe because you have not found it in the database.
Two parameters are mandatory: the Latitude and the Longitude of the point. It is recommended to specify also a name.
Parameters # and meaning Examples and Comments
#1 [Point Name] Point1 or MyVillage or whatever ...
if you don't want to specify any Point Name, put directly a ":" as the 1st character.
A Name "UserPTx" will be automatically generated.

Tip (use of Ampersand): if you specify the NAME as Code&Description, ex: MyPt1&My Starting Point,
the display in the flight log will appear in two separate fields: CODE (truncated to 8 char.) and Description.

If no ampersand is specified, the description will be be automatically set to Latitude and Longitude (Lat.../Lng...)
#2 Latitude
North hemisphere: N483000 or fractional: 48.5
South hemisphere: S451500 or fractional: -45.25
#3 Longitude
West latitude: W0023000 or fractional: -2.5
East latitude: E0031500 or fractional: 3.25
#4 [Altitude in Ft] 148
#5 [Variation in ] -2 or 3 or ...
#6 [App Frequency] 118.1
#7 [Twr Frequency] 121.2
Manual Wayoints examples Syntax:
:Lat.:Long.[:Alt.:Var.:App Frq:TWR Frq]


or without name (will be generated):

or more simple (and commonly used):
MyPt:N483000:W0023000 or MyPt:48.5:-2.5

or without name:
:N483000:W0023000 or :48.5:-2.5

or with an ampersand separator in NAME:
Pt1&Overhead Home:48.5-2.5
NB: Parameters between brackets [...] indicates optional's.
Don't specify brackets in the syntax!
Your Personnal Waypoints can be easily added in the JpRNavMaster database
USE the [MyNavMaster Wpt] button in the main form