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Choose the Point TYPE, select the COUNTRY and optionally the Department (for France)

Note: Points marked (¹) force a search on FRANCE and BENELUX ONLY

Airfield Type Public/Mil. AD Private AD (¹) Ultralight AD(¹) Helistation (¹) All Airfield type   
NAVAIDS Beacons: VOR/VORTAC N D B Loc (¹) All RNav Type   
Waypoints: VRP (¹) Intersection User WPT ²  
Obstacles ³ (LF): Wind Farms Wind Masts Pyl./Ant./Towers Other Ostacles All Obstacles   
Other Points (LF): Towns/Villages Tourism Restaurants on AD Resto-Hélicopter
Country  Department (LF)
  ² For France, Morocco, Greece, Italy (under construction). Internet users Waypoints (WPxxxx) are included in the result.
  ³ The database contains the obstacles higher than 300 ft ASFC (SIA Source).
    The French Wind Farms are ALL included whatever is the height.